The Huios Zero Carb Meal Plan is made up of some of our existing classic meals modified into no carb dishes, whereby the usually carbohydrate side dishes are replaced with LARGE PORTIONS and VARIATIONS of green, leafy vegetables (Chef’s choice)!

This meal plan is definitely slightly more extreme than the usual Men’s and Women’s Fat Loss plan as zero carb diet is one of the famous and proven fat loss principle, but this meal plan is designed specifically for customers who are ready to give their a push; creating a quick body shock for maximum fat loss result in a short 2 weeks time!

Well, be ready to crave for carbs throughout this meal plan, but what we promise to bring to you is this:

  1. Great taste
  2. 9 different variations of meals
  3. Random Chef’s choice delicious zero carb side dishes
  4. Moderate fat ratio that suppresses hunger
  5. Large portions of greens
  6. Significant fat loss!

If you have not tried to cut carbs, you’d be amazed with the end result! Try it out!



Package Price

Start your Zero Carb Meal Plan now at:


* Package price after promo code discount (if applicable) plus delivery charges is subjected to 6% GST.


  • Refrigerate meals immediately upon receiving.
  • Microwave meal for 2 minutes with the seal on to preserve the taste.
  • Shelf-life of each meal is 3 days if refrigerated, 30 days if frozen (each meal is freshly packed and chilled before delivery without using any additives or preservatives).


  1. Finish this meal plan within 2 weeks for maximum fat loss results (each meal can be consumed at any time of the day).
  2. Avoid all sugar and dairy products.
  3. Breakfast of oats/wholemeal bread/peanut butter/frozen berries/bananas can be added.
  4. Workout recommendation: minimum 3 sessions of 45 minutes high intensity workout a week for maximum fat loss results.
  5. Cardio recommendation: add minimum 3 sessions HIIT a week on top of your usual workout routine for maximum fat loss results.
  6. This meal plan is a trial programme, and therefore you will need more than 5 days to burn the desired amount of fat. Slight reduction of body fat percentage may be noticeable, however, if training and diet is on point. An estimated duration of 2 weeks of consistent training and strict diet is required for significant results.

What is Included

This package contains a 15-meal combination, hand-picked from our specialty zero carb menu:

Sole en papilotte 4
Beef stir fry 4
Steak and mashed 4
Beef Bolognese 4
Chicken pesto capsicum 6
Dory Baked with tomatoes 6
Grilled Chicken 6
Fish Rolled with Olives 4
Jerk chicken 4


Meals in this package will be delivered in four separate shipments.