Treat yourself for Christmas. This unique deal includes:

  • A mouth-watering 7 Fat Loss Meal Plan for Women — It is specifically for women who are looking to trim their waistline, to lose extra layers of belly fat or just to lose overall weight. The meal plan is designed to optimize calorie intake and maximize nutritional value of each meal, without compromising taste and variety.
  • The Biossentials® Aromatherapy Organic Facial Care Set by Kalisté, worth RM450 — Pure essential oils and botanicals, rich in phyronutrients containing enzymes, vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals work together in perfect synergy to energise your cells., stimulate circulation, enhance elimination and encourage regenerations.

Your Meal Plan

Handsome muscular man doing push ups on kettle ball in crossfit gym

Your Meal Plan contains a 7-meal combination, hand-picked from our delicious specialty Fat Loss category menu:

Baked Dory with Tomatoes & Barley 1
Bell Pepper Bomb & Salad 1
Fish Rolled Olives & Couscous 1
Jerk Chicken & Sweet Potatoes 1
Rosemary Chicken & Mixed Veg 1
Steak and Mixed Veg 1
Sweet Potatoes Fish Cake & Mixed Veg 1

Your Beauty Set

Face Care

Your Beauty Set contains the Biossentials® Aromatherapy Organic Facial Care Set by Kalisté. A collection of 100% natural, free from harsh chemicals and certified organic daily skin care routine, made in Australia:

Cleansing Lotion 1
Pure Floral Water Hydrating Mist 1
Aromatherapy Essence 1
Facial Polish 1
French Pink Clay Mask 1

Deal Price

Supercharge your fitness & beauty now at:


RM330.00 – FREE delivery


All meals and the Biossentials® Lavender Body Care set in this package will be delivered in a single shipment.


  • Refrigerate immediately after receiving meals
  • Before consuming, heat up for 3 minutes in the microwave with the seal on to maintain food taste.
  • Shelf-life of each meal is 3 days if refrigerated, 30 days if frozen. (Each meal are freshly packed and chilled before delivery, no frozen, additives & preservatives.)