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The Huios Nutrition team supplies you with a fresh and great-tasting variety of prepared meals that are specially designed to be strictly adhered within the boundaries of fitness elements. Huios Nutrition has partnered with one of the most prominent local delivery companies to make delivery-to-doorstep service possible in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. Being the first-of-its-kind company in Malaysia to provide functional customised meal plans tailored to help you lose fat or pack on lean muscles mass, we are serious and confident about helping you achieve your personal fitness goals.


Imparting knowledge of fitness diet and introducing people to the Fullness of Fitness.


We strive to provide everyone with the opportunity to obtain their desired physiques and to achieve their personal fitness goals with the most convenient, effective and efficient method in the most reasonable period of time.

What We Do

Once you make up your mind about how you would like your body to look and have set your sights on achieving that goal, we strategise the best game plan for you to optimise your achievements. How? By customising a specialised and functional meal plan diet based on your fitness goals from losing weight to gaining muscle, or even to shred down a few per cent of body fat for a special occasion such as a photo shoot or a wedding.

Our meal plans are packed with many different varieties of meals to keep you from getting bored and giving up on your diet! With your meals delivered to your doorstep, there is no need to worry about getting caught in traffic jams or even worry about what to eat!

Who We Are


Zhen Lau

Upon returning from the United States, The Muscle Chef had a vision – to create a revolution of eating in Malaysia.


Gary Gan

With a good understanding of Financial principles, Gary turned the vision into a reality.


People are constantly struggling to achieve their visions of a ‘perfect body’. Thanks to the many misconceptions about dieting as well as access to doubtful methods that do nothing but deceive those who are desperate for a transformation, they end up destroying their own lives, putting themselves in worse situations than before. Let Huios – Greek for the perfect stage of understanding, towards nutrition and diet – take on the responsibility of imparting the accurate knowledge of fitness dieting to give everyone the opportunity to achieve the Fullness of Fitness.